13–17 NOVEMBER 2023

Design Week


The Ultimate Product Design Week

What’s your weapon of choice? Choose the day dedicated to your craft and nurture your skill. Learn from the superstars of your field and meet world-renowned brands breaking the mould in product design. Feeling adventurous? Discover the secrets of product design from the wider design space. Attend the whole Product Design Week and learn how your craft connects to broader areas of design, how design underpins the success of a business and how to collaborate with different design teams and departments. So, what will it be?

The BAD Conference

Psychology, anthropology, philosophy experts, and more deliver ideologies behind conducting deeper, more meaningful user research and design. Learn to understand your users better than they do, and discover the sciences and methods that influence the experience design process.

UX Live

Our flagship product design conference returns in 2023 for day 2 of Product Design Week. Expand your knowledge of UX beyond what you thought imaginable. This conference highlights the most significant ideas from the best practitioners in the industry to teach you proven methodologies and practical skills. Get to the crux of the experience design process and learn the secrets behind the practices bringing success to the products of world-renowned brands.

UX Writing Conference

UX Writing is the hidden gem in the world of design. Get this right, and you can transform the whole experience of your product. From hitting the right notes on a button to carrying the voice of the brand, the work of a UX Writer flows through a product seamlessly. Scroll through the on-trend methods in the industry, discover the stories of how the experts went from writing in other professions to design and uncover the role UX writing plays in design ethics as we introduce you to our first-ever UX Writing Conference.

Business X Design

Engage in the conversation that brings together C-level business executives and design teams creating the outward-facing experience of the business. Business X Design amplifies the impact design has on a company's core capabilities and its contribution to business and human outcomes. Hear from business owners and C-level executives on how design integrates into a business model and from designers on the pain points that teams face from the leadership level. This conference will demonstrate how designers can get that fabled seat at the table and collaborate to deliver unmatched results for the business.

The worlds of product design combine at this all-encompassing festival dedicated to the digital craft. Tech Circus welcomes you to visit our most popular conferences covering the in-demand skill sets in product design.

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