UX Crunch at Home: Building Culture of Design

A live-streamed event covering design thinking. Learn, connect and grow with the UX community, without leaving your home!
Tuesday, 7th July. 18:00 – 20:00.


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Culture only goes as far as the people who sit within the culture itself; culture is defined by the collective nature of each individual in an organisation.

Culture of design or designing culture? We will all, at some point, encounter organisations who are not familiar with design processes, ideas, and methodology. How can we advocate for the value of design and creativity? In this event we will discuss creative ecosystems, and breaking the glass ceiling of organisations and leadership.

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The UX Crunch

The UX Crunch‘ has quickly grown to become Europe’s leading UX event. We are revolutionising the way digital specialists network and improve their knowledge of the field. We host a range of monthly events in collaboration with leading companies in the UK, showcasing case studies and knowledge. Each event is totally different, and collaboration is the key to our success. We are always looking for new partners, so please get in touch for more information on how to get involved.
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TestingTime AG supports UX and market researchers from well-known companies such as Deliveroo, giffgaff, Asos, Monzo, and AXA by making test user recruiting easy, fast, and hassle-free. Thanks to their pool of more than 500,000 test users, they are able to deliver any profile within 48 hours. By making the task of conducting research become lighter and thus more regular, they hope to someday achieve their corporate vision: a world full of happy users.


Biglight is an Experience Design Agency that helps brands shape digital transformation strategies that are rooted in a profound understanding of customers needs. We design distinctive and engaging digital experiences that meet those needs and deliver business growth. To do this we balance our curiosity and creativity with data, insight, experimentation and measurement. Biglight’s clients include Adidas, Halfords, Hobbycraft The North Face, Timberland and Vans


Zebra People are a digital recruitment agency who specialise in building digital product & service design teams. Covering all levels from junior through to director we support best-loved brands, Government organisations, NFP’s, leading agencies and innovative start-ups as they grow their digital capabilities. Committed to developing the industry we work within, Zebra People host training workshops and sponsor events across all of our key specialisms helping our network to learn and develop their skills. We are also very proud of our annual salary survey which provides unique insights by sector, both qualitative and quantitative. Check out www.zebrapeople.com for more information…

The Event

The show begins at 6pm with introductions and the opportunity to digitally network with the other viewers in the chat section of the live stream. Our first talk kicks off at 6.10pm sharp!

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6.00PM – Event Opens – Time to Network
6.10PM – Lawrence Abrahamson – Creative Enabler
6.40PM – Ali Hussain – VP, Head of User Experience & Design – American Specialty Health
7.10PM – Dr. Juliana Goga-Cooke
7.40PM – Panel Q&A


Talks & Discussion Points

Lawrence Abrahamson – Creative Enabler

Lawrence Abrahamson is a Creative Enabler, formerly with IDEO. A co-lead of the New York studio, Lawrence focused on talent and creative culture. Most recently, Lawrence was embedded in D-Ford Detroit, Ford’s human-centered design innovation lab.

A practicing designer with an architectural background, Lawrence approaches design with a bias towards tangibility and understands his task is to help create fertile conditions for teams to design-from-day-one and break everyday mindsets.

The Potential of Poetry — Lessons in Building and Sustaining Creative Ecosystems

A blend of practical applications and philosophical mindsets, this discussion will look at the components of creative ecosystems and ask what intentional behaviors, activities and approaches we can employ in order to nourish innovative design work, desirable work cultures and fulfilling client relationships. How can a poetic lens help “reveal truths” that impact our organization’s individuals, teams and leaders?

Ali Hussain – VP, Head of User Experience & Design – American Specialty Health

Ali is a digital intrapreneur and design thinking evangelist with over 20 years of experience building empowered teams and enabling Design Transformation within global legacy enterprises as well as scaling upstarts. As Vice President and Head of User Experience and Design for American Specialty Health (ASH), Ali is responsible for leading product innovation and experience design across ASH’s portfolio of sites, mobile apps and tools to empower people to live healthier lives. Ali serves on the board of the Design Forward Alliance, driving Design Transformation in the San Diego region with UX pioneer Don Norman.

Design Gets Down to Business – How to Unleash the True Value of Design In Your Company

We’ll explore how practicing Business Thinking can advocate for Design in legacy organizations. Ali will discuss how leaders can deliver positive behavior change in siloed organizations and enable a culture of empowerment by developing trust with internal partners and facilitating a process of collective unlearning.

Dr. Juliana Goga-Cooke – CEO – Academy of Design Thinking

Julia is an academic, journalist, design thinker and entrepreneur. She leads the Academy of Design Thinking, helping organisations create innovation skills and capabilities, and adopt a design led culture.
Her career started in academia, with a Ph.D in Linguistics, and moved to journalism, working for the BBC for 16 years as a broadcaster, producer, editor and senior leader. After a gap year of study in Design Thinking Innovation and Entrepreneurship at CSM and London Business School, she co-founded and managed the Future of Work Research Consortium, and founded the Academy of Design Thinking. She has worked with more than 100 companies across a wide range of industries. Julia teaches Design Thinking and Foresight & Strategy at Loughborough University London and Design Thinking Accelerator at Central Saint Martins, University of Arts. She lives in London.

The Designer as Transformation Coach

Many organisations across a wide range of industries are adopting design as one of the drivers for organisational change, creating a culture informed by design principles and empowering employees to put design thinking at the heart of their problem-solving processes.
When anybody can become a design thinker, and use the tools that you as designers use, should you feel threatened or excited?
Dr.Julia Goga-Cooke makes the case for the emerging role of the designer as innovation catalyst and transformation coach, and the human skills they need to develop in order to engage, coach, model, and lead teams to create great outcomes for the customers, the business and society at large.

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