Data-Driven UXD Workshop Sessions 1-6

A FREE & ONLINE workshop covering Data Driven UXD. Join this free online training program to upskill with data!
Next session is Monday, 28th September. 18:00 – 20:00.


Data is commercially valuable, yet most large legacy organisations generate huge ‘data lakes’ that they struggle to make use of. Through a partnership with Connected Futures at the University of Brighton, the ‘Digital Research and Innovation Value Accelerator’ (DRIVA) project seeks to assist SMEs to release commercial value from data lakes.

The ‘Data-Driven UXD’ training programme is part of the DRIVA Project: an online, completely free series of workshops on how to drive data innovation. Taught by Professor Karen Pollitt-Cham FRSA & Rageshree Sinah (Microsoft Certified Research Fellow of University of Brighton). The first workshop is on 21st September at 6pm.

To join the first session of this course: first register on the DRIVA website for free, and then check out the ‘opportunities’ tab to book your opportunity.

Completion of this course will grant an accredited certificate of completion from Brighton University and allow you to be certified with the DRIVA badge of ‘Data Driven UXD’. Don’t worry if you have missed the first session: you can catch up on-demand via the TCTV X DRIVA platform and still get the certificate by completing the last few workshops!

Here are the remaining dates & times of the course:

How do you design and build data driven product ? Learn the human centred UXD flow for generating and automating actionable insights.

Background to the Gatwick Airport Ltd data; collection, structure and meaning of data fields; introduction to the data dictionary; how to access and work with data previously collected from the API.

12th Oct – GEO DATA ECONOMIES (6-8pm)
What is internet of place ? How does geodata play out for next generation UXD

26th Oct – GATWICK API DATATHON (6-8pm)
Working with the live data feed; accessing the API; using the Gatwick API R package to collect data; analysis and visualisation of collected data.

2nd Nov – 5G, IoT & SMART CITIES (6-8pm)
Introducing fundamentals of 5G native, edge analytics for UXD for DX, XR, IoT, and Smart Cities

If you are already a free subscriber to, you can then view the event via the ‘DRIVA’ tab on the website. If you are not a subscriber, you will be added to the TechCircusTV x Connected Futures event website within 24 hours of booking the opportunity.

You MUST register on the DRIVA website first to be given access!

Session 1 Information:

DESIGN & BUILD FOR DATA DRIVEN INNOVATION, with Professor Karen Cham & Rageshree Sinah, Microsoft Certified Research Fellow, University of Brighton.


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