UX Crunch: Utilising Gamification in UX

Date and time: 09th May 6:00pm - 09th May 2023 9:00pm - Europe/London
Price from: Free
Location: Online

The world of UX is starting to fully embrace gamification as it becomes an essential design element. Rather than confining games to the realm of their intended consoles, it is crucial to recognise the significance of gamification, its potential beyond simply improving one's proficiency in Mario Kart, and the importance of leveraging this approach on a business level.

Levelling up has never been a more suitable term. Be informed by this exciting fireside chat and improve your understanding of the implementation and impact of gamification in UX design.


Ioana Cazacu

Games Designer, Mojiworks

Ioana has been working at Mojiworks designing multiplayer social games for the past 4 years. In this time, she has led design on Ready Chef Go!, which has been played by over 90M Snapchattes, and is still beloved by players around the world.

Her main drives are innovation and diversity, and her goal is to make games that players can instantly identify with and use them to connect with the people they care about the most.

Patricia Margarit Castelló

UX Designer, Fairphone

Patricia is a User Experience Designer based in The Netherlands with a background in Game Design, Visual Art and Interactive Art. Her whole career revolves around change and how we can boost it as a society through technology, with a focus on sustainability and social fairness, a topic she has taught about in workshops, including at the University of Barcelona.

She has participated in activism festivals to raise awareness about social issues and motivate people to take action, through interactive video mappings, and she was also invited as an artist to the Ars Electronica Festival in Austria, Europe's largest international New Media festival, where she showed a video game for change of her creation on power and city identity.

In her personal life, she loves movies, reading, gaming and strength training.

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