Virtual Workshop: Psychology for Product Design & UX

Psychology for Product Design & UX, with Joe Leech
Across Monday 8th June to Thursday 11th June, 14.15pm – 16.30pm each day. Virtual live stream.

A remote workshop on how to use psychology to improve your website, app and design process.

A practical, hands on way to understand how the human brain works and apply that knowledge to user experience and product design. Learn the psychological principles behind how our brain makes sense of the world and apply that to product design and create easy to use, innovative products.

Designed for breakout groups, Joe will show you two frameworks; one to supercharge your UI and the second to design, plan and launch innovative new features and ideas.

Joe Leech is speaking at The BAD Conference: Virtual Edition 2020.


What you’ll learn

Through a series of fun, practical exercises you’ll learn:

  1. Psychology and interaction design. A framework to evaluate and design interactions such as onboarding, search, navigation and eCommerce using psychology.
  2. Psychology and user experience. A second framework that can help you evaluate and improve the user experience of your digital products. How humans perceive and understand the world around them and how to build innovative product around that framework.
  3. Psychology and the dark arts. Persuasive design, cognitive biases and other brain hacks. Do they really work? How to apply them in product design. What are the ethics of applying psychology to digital design.

Joe is a trained, experienced teacher: so expect to be sketching, designing and applying the psychology from the very start of the workshop.

After the workshop

You’ll be able to:

  1. Design products, apps and websites that match how people think and behave
  2. Find, understand, evaluate and apply psychology theory to digital product design
  3. Have your own ethical framework for designing using psychology
  4. Make better, informed design decisions and advocate the wider team using psychology theory

Come to the workshop and you’ll able to put psychology into practice as soon as you get back to your desk.

See some testimonials from Joe’s past Psychology workshops by clicking here.

Joe Leech

Product / UX Coach []

@MrJoe, or Joe to his friends, is the author of the book Psychology for Designers as well as a conference speaker and writer.

Joe coaches product teams & execs at big organisations and start ups to help them build the right things in the right order for the right reasons.

A recovering neuroscientist, then a spell as an elementary school teacher, Joe started his UX & product career 15 years ago. He has worked with big organisations like MoMA, Trainline, Disney, eBay and Marriott as well as helping to supercharge high growth businesses and startup.

He is also a director and shareholder for small portfolio of startups.



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Joe's psychology workshop testimonials

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