Learn How to Design Voice (Amazon Alexa)

A Tech Circus & UX LIVE Workshop. Improve a core element of your design skill-set with this one-day intensive class.

Welcome to this Tech Circus workshop, brought to you by the same team behind UX LIVE!

Following the success and feedback of our popular meet-ups and conferences here in the UK, Tech Circus have launched an engaging way to improve your technical and soft skills.

On an ongoing basis, we will be teaming up with UX and Design luminaries from around the world, to offer practical, action-packed workshops for our design community.

These intensive day-long sessions tackle specific areas of your processes, delivered by true masters in their field to ensure you walk out with the confidence in understanding and practical capability to deliver meaningful change in your work.


Voice UI / UX Workshop: Designing Natural Language Home Assistants Using Amazon Alexa, with David Attwater
Friday, 17th May 2019. 09:00 – 18:00. WeWork Waterhouse Square, 138 Holborn, EC1N 2SW.

Eventbrite - Voice UI/UX Workshop - Learn How to Design Voice with Amazon Alexa
Following great feedback from our first “Designing for Voice” workshop, we will be returning with David Attwater of EIG, for another hands-on session.

In the near future, you will be able to interact with most of the technology around you using solely your voice.

According to a recent survey by Pindrop of 500 IT and business decision-makers in the U.S., France, Germany and the U.K. over two-thirds of enterprises are planning to use voice AI for the majority of customer interactions, reflecting an increase in trust in voice capability.

However, this trust will only be realised if the interfaces have good design and careful analysis of user needs and expectations. Using real-world examples we’ll give you knowledge and skills to ensure your devices engage in smart conversation that reinforces trust in future voice interactions.

Over 7 hours (including a delicious lunch and networking opportunities) our workshop will cover the design principles that underpin the design of sustained natural conversations, which include the following:

  • A brief overview of the technology and the underlying speech technologies
  • Who uses home assistants and for what?
  • How do I present the correct narrative voice and persona for my assistant?
  • How do I signpost the features of my user interface?
  • How do I keep the user interface stable while making it feel natural?

What will you learn?

Our goal is that you come out of our workshop with an understanding of the theories that underpin conversational design:

  • How spoken interaction design differs for graphical design.
  • How text conversations differ from spoken conversations.
  • How speech recognition and language understanding works and what are the limitations.
  • Key principles of psychology and ergonomics, specific to conversational design.
  • Key principles of designing and training semantics, namely intents, slots, and parsing.
  • Key linguistic principles of conversational design covering grounding, confirmation, anaphora etc.

And a model for discussing and creating an interactive and iterative design that covers:

  • Identifying client commercial and branding goals
  • Designing your persona.
  • Choosing the key tasks that are suitable for conversational solutions
  • Matching design to the user’s context, motivation and environment
  • Structuring conversations for naturalness, discoverability and utilising alternate channels of text and graphics

David Attwater's workshop

Who should come?

This workshop is suited to anyone who is interested in human-computer conversational design and wants to learn more about interactions with assistants such as Alexa, Google Home, Siri etc. The material is targeted at:

  • Design professionals who are new to conversational design.
  • Business stakeholders who design or are responsible for conversational experiences with their customers.

No experience in conversational design is necessary!

David Attwater
David Attwater
David Attwater has over 17 years of experience in speech user interface design and testing. He has a specific focus on customer usability testing and is an acknowledged expert in the design and testing of natural language solutions for customer service, including digital assistants.

Or you can:  Eventbrite - Voice UI/UX Workshop - Learn How to Design Voice with Amazon Alexa

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