UX Crunch: UX in Femtech

Date and time: 14th Mar 6:00pm - 14th Mar 2023 9:00pm - Europe/London
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Location: Online

The Femtech industry is rapidly growing. After the health and wellbeing of women/AFAB took a backseat for so long, innovations in Femtech are taking power back, and it's not going anywhere.

Breakthrough technologies in women's/AFAB health and fertility solutions are changing the landscape for women/AFAB who need support. Family planning apps and contraceptive technologies are helping women take control of their life plans.

Overall, Femtech has so many vital areas covered that we want to delve into the solutions it has delivered. Join us to learn the needs and challenges facing this industry and how to design with a select audience's health in mind.

Your Host

Ari Krzyze

CEO and Head of Strategy at Chykalophia (read: see-ka-lo-fia), Ari Krzyzek helps Femtech, DTC, and women-led brands transform their website into a platform that unlocks business opportunities.


Julian Kuntorov

Julian leads the design work on Daye’s digital product portfolio, guiding the Daye patient from the initial product discovery, to taking an active part in their gynae health by using the company’s gynaecology-as-a-service platform.

By collaborating with real customers and medical professionals, Julian’s mission is to enable more people to understand the workings of their bodies, even if they don’t have a medical degree. With a background in software engineering, design, and advertising, Julian has always been at the crossroads between technology and creativity.

Veda Adnani Chatterjee

Veda is a strategic and tactical product thinker, with a history of scaling up start-up businesses. With a passion for solving complex product challenges, she works hard at delivering user experiences that are useful and meaningful, aimed at improving health and well-being for females.

Marjo Tikkanen

Marjo’s experience spans from consultancy to start-ups, and projects from government entities to edtech. Currently employed as a Senior Product Designer at Clue in Berlin, Marjo is passionate about femtech and purpose-driven product development. In her free time, Marjo teaches UX & UI design in the non-profit ReDI School of Digital Integration.

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