UX Crunch: Exploring UX Research

Date and time: 22nd Feb 6:00pm - 22nd Feb 2023 8:00pm - Europe/London
Price from: £24.00
Location: London

Data runs the world as we know it, but gathering that data is only part of this multifaceted segment of the UX industry. Whether you want to know your demographic, interpret your data or present real-life results, it's no secret that you must do so in a meaningful and impactful way to get the most out of your data and explain it as clearly as possible. At this upcoming event by UX Crunch, light will be shed on how you can achieve this.

We're ready to crunch the numbers on this one, so join us as expert researchers from the UX industry dissect the ways that you can process your data. As always, we're bringing the goods with food and drinks to get your brains working and the opportunity to network with leading UX researchers.

Location: Hugo & Cat, 135 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 3AN

Doors open: 5:30PM

Talks start: 6:00PM


Agnieszka R

Aga is a Senior UX Researcher at Wise, leading research on Wise's business users. She enjoys infusing activities from disciplines such as art and data visualisation into research. Aga is the president of City Women Speakers, a public speaking club, and a mentor to multiple junior researchers.

Anwar Abdulhaqq

Anwar has an economics background, and is a UX Researcher at the 3rd largest digital asset exchange in the world, Kraken, where he focuses on Consumer experiences and products.

Prior to that, he was at fintech (Transfer)Wise, and global consulting firm Accenture Interactive, where he led user research for various FTSE 100 clients and the UK Government.

Passionate about monetary history and how decentralised technologies can be a force for good for the world, he is currently writing a peer-reviewed paper on how Bitcoin nation-state adoption could play out in a future multi-polar world.

Alex Marhaba

Alex combines his background in computer and cognitive science to research complex user domains and design practical software for technical audiences. In his current role at Elastic, Alex researches how engineers and analysts search for information and respond to incidents using Kibana.

In previous lives, Alex led the UX research function at Talend, a data integration provider, where he researched how software architects design data integrations and respond to data incidents. Prior to that, he was Michelin’s very first user experience specialist where he designed and researched for internal manufacturing and simulation systems. There, he saw how factory operators cook tires in a $30K moulds, and how tire scientists use spreadsheets to design Formula E tires.

Over the years, he learned how timely research can help save tons of money and shape the way we think about things in novel ways, ultimately providing meaning for both user and maker. As a disciple of globalisation, Alex grew up in Lebanon and lived 10+ years in different corners of France before moving to London, his new home.

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