UX Crunch: Designing for Sustainability

Date and time: 05th Apr 6:00pm - 05th Apr 2023 9:00pm - Europe/London
Price from: Free
Location: Online

It's not just cool to be sustainable, it's vital. This is no fad; UX Crunch is coming at you with the topic at the forefront of minds worldwide. It's time to focus on Designing for Sustainability.

What does it mean to be sustainable? We explore how practitioners can bring innovation and bright ideas into their daily work. Companies must design responsibly, and with plenty gearing up to tackle climate change as best they can, all must meet these design requirements wherever possible. What are you doing to be responsible in your work? We discuss methods and ideas with industry experts at our upcoming UX Crunch.

The planet needs designers!

Your Host

Diarmad McNally

UX Research and Interaction Design, Interaction Design Studio

Diarmad is a resourceful and innovative user experience consultant and entrepreneur with more than two and a half decades experience in the industry. He has combed research, design and business knowledge to create and deliver top-tier digital products for Three, Hive (BG), Sky and start-ups including Edgefolio. He's an advocate of accessible, sustainable and inclusive design emphasising both societal merit and tangible business benefit.

Diarmad spends scarce non-family time with Roman history, karate, octopuses and guitars. Always with the guitars.


Patricia Margarit Castell├│

UX Designer/ Game Designer/ Visual Artist, Fairphone

Patricia is a User Experience Designer based in the Netherlands with a background in Game Design, Visual Art and Interactive Art. Her whole career revolves around change and how we can boost it as a society through technology, with a focus on sustainability and social fairness. She has participated in activism festivals to raise awareness about social issues and motivate people to take action, which led to an invite as an artist to the Ars Electronica Festival in Austria.

Her main area of interest and specialisation lies in how to use technology to change behaviours and promote sustainability and social fairness, a topic she has taught about in workshops, including at the University of Barcelona.

As per her personal life, she loves movies, reading, gaming and strength training.

´╗┐Kate Pincott

Head of Design, Mattereum

As Head of Design at Mattereum, Kate Pincott contributes to the climate crisis through Web 3 B2B tech, Digital Passports. These are digital twins for physical objects so no trade ever suffers from inaccurate information again and we can globally optimise our waste.

Also a Design Coach, CEO and founder of Reality Prototyping, she has helped hundreds of designers to increase their impact, product influence and income so that they can become limitless from Chris Do, to Designers at Amazon, IDEO, Meta and Figma. She does this by teaching designers to listen to their intuition, adopt an experimental mindset of prototyping their life and trusting their gut.

Nazar Ali Khan

Digital UX Strategy Lead, Economist Impact

Nazar leads UX Strategy with the Innovation and Product team at Economist Impact, where he works alongside analysts delivering insight on key global issues including sustainability, health and new globalisation.

Nazar joined Economist Impact last year, having previously worked at full service, specialist and independent agencies across London. He has delivered research insights, user experience and product strategy for high profile brands such as Mazda and Visa, charitable organisations and startups. Working with charities and startups gave Nazar the opportunity to explore proposals for the sustainability space, which he continues to do with his team at Economist Impact.

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