Enter The Metaverse LIVE

Date and time: 29th Nov 9:00am - 29th Nov 2022 5:00pm - Europe/London
Price from: Coming soon

About this event

Apple, Microsoft, Google, Meta and others are racing to dominate the future metaverse platform by creating new products and operating systems. It’s been a challenge keeping up with all of the incredible insights into the technologies and concepts emerging in this space!  This event will further the inspiring conversations from last year’s: discussing advancements around standardisation and infrastructure that are striving to solve accessibility, interoperability and scalability. Explore how this technology is unshackling creativity and human empowerment in fascinatingly innovative ways. How will retail, fashion, commerce, advertising evolve in this space? Join us as we unpack the technologies that underpin the metaverse and the exponential potential it holds.

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