Designing for Inclusivity

Date and time: 29th Jun 6:00pm - 29th Jun 2022 9:00pm - Europe/London
Price from: Coming soon

Many users are misrepresented due to a failure in proper consideration of inclusivity during the design process. Meeting all possible constraints that your users could face should be a requirement- not a goal or tick box. We want to shed further light on how meeting these user needs can be achieved with the support and guidance of those who have faced these challenges and succeeded.

With innovative ideas and valuable experiences for you to draw on, our exciting expert panel of designers and researchers is here to ensure that you have the tools to design products that are accessible for all your users and tailored to their abilities.

Join us as we celebrate inclusivity and diversity in design, how it can shape products into revolutionary experiences and what methods are already being used in the industry that you can implement into your work.


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