dCom Future Summit Online

Date and time: 26th Oct 1:00pm - 26th Oct 2022 9:00pm - Europe/London
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About this event

The dCom Future Summit Online (26th of October 2022) is the hottest way to stay in touch with the latest Industry trends. Get ahead of your competition with this one-stop event for all future NFT innovations. Catch up with the leading thinkers and influencers around the globe and learn about the newest developments and trends in our industry.

Online track 1

This track will explore the decentralised market taking the internet by storm. We will delve into the exciting ways you can use dCommerce in the Web3 world and the impact it has on the Web2 landscape.

Online track 2

This track will dive into the use-cases of dCommerce in existing and emerging industries and feature industry leaders and innovators: showcasing and debating the benefits of dCommerce in the business world.

Join us and meet with the industry elite, network with the most prominent businesses and brands Globally, and listen to a full day of Masterclasses on the tech, growth, and application of decentralised commerce from the experts.

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