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Tech Circus?

We’re an independent company from London, UK, that creates internationally recognised events in London, Manchester, Amsterdam, Berlin, New York and virtual events for a global online audience.

We host annual conferences featuring some of the industry’s most recognisable speakers and brands full of inspirational talks, monthly workshops & webinars for hands-on skill development.

The Tech space is constantly evolving, so is the world, and we bring together CEOs and founders of Tech companies, hard-working developers, hungry startups, regulators and government officials to delve into the future of Tech in UX and product design, Web 3, Metaverse, NFTs, and Crypto.






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FinTech Design Summit Online

FinTech Design Summit Online

21 June 2023

Delve into the next phase of FinTech product design as experts demonstrate inspiring ideas that drive innovation.

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FinTech Design Summit London

FinTech Design Summit London

30 June 2023

FinTech Design Summit London returns in 2023 to introduce industry-leading innovation in products and services.

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UX Crunch: Enhancing soft skills in UX

UX Crunch: Enhancing soft skills in UX

15 June 2023

Enhance your soft skills and learn how skills like empathy, communication and adaptability can strengthen your skillset and the products you produce.

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Product Design Week London

Product Design Week London

13 - 17 November 2023

Product Design Week London encompasses all of our popular design conference into one unmissable festival. Dates subject to change.

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